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The Confidence of Wildflowers

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To quote Salem, "Thayer Holmes might not realise how special he is, but I know." And yes that's accurate. I love Caleb and I hope that he will have his own book in the future because he is one of the sweetest human beings ever. if you are the author of this book DO NOT read this review as you will not like anything that will be said here. Also not to just keep going in on this book but given the amount of times she says in her inner monologue how much she loves Thayer(which was just read really odd, lots of telling and not showing in this one) by the end of the duet I couldn’t remember like a single thing that she does for him other than bring him cupcakes. That mans entire existence pretty much revolved around thinking of things he could do for her, which honestly got to be a little much anyway, like I don’t know if this man had a personality by the end of it outside of ‘must do random nice things for Salem’

There was no point of this book, it could've easily been an epilogue in the first one. It honestly felt like the author didn't have any heart in writing this. It's so mediocre. Thayer and Salem spend most of this book fixing what was broken and reconnecting. They never fell out of love. To me her marrying Caleb and spending years away from Thayer was in a way needed? She needed to grow up and have experiences that he so desperately wanted her to have and why he pushed her away. They both met each other again with a bigger understanding that their love was the ultimate one and they needed to never let go. I'm so angry, I swear I've never felt so angry with a book like this, so this review will be written in the heat of the moment but I'm sure I'll never change my opinion about it, in fact I want to forget that I read it. Nothing happens in this book. It's ALL repetitive. No drama. Same dialogues, same inner monologues being repeated. (I skimmed through the last 20% and I have no regrets). The love-story itself was... just no? There was no spark (hell, there wasn’t even a little microscopic twinge), no chemistry, and the whole plot was just a succession of embarrassing moments and equally embarrassing dialogues (and actually unspeakably embarrassing thoughts from our brilliant contradiction of a MC). And it was just so BORING. Gah.

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I should’ve DNFd this book honestly, because nothing happens in the 70% that follows. Literally nothing. The rest of the book is Thayer and Salem having their HEA. It felt like an unnecessarily long epilogue. One thing after another came at our FMC that kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for the other shoe to drop. And when it inevitably did, I never saw it coming.

I am sorry If my review seems a bit odd,but I am just still under the book's influence, even so that I have read it 3 days ago. Honestly, some of my words are failing right now. I will probably add some more to the review, but It will be at a later date. Although, this reluctance I feel towards reading Caleb's story (if he ever gets one) stems from the fact that, as much as I dislike a character who is a pushover, someone who settles for being a consolation prize, Caleb's decision to marry Salem and everything else places him in that category in my eyes. But hey, at least he didn't cheat on his deserving girlfriend. Honestly, I did prefer this second part more than the first, but I still think it was completely unnecessary.The way the two loved each other, I had thought Salem would fight more for Thayer (the guy was grieving ffs). But I can't wait to see how they move past with this in the sequel. Some of the scenes were catastrophically, bury-my-head-in-the-sad, genuinely unbearably, cringe. I wish I could say they were the good kind. *They were not*. Now, before you read this review, refer to my review of the first book to understand this better: (if you haven't read the duet) Salem has Caleb who has been her boyfriend for a few years and her best friend but they are growing apart and spend most of the summer before he heads to Harvard apart (mostly because his mother makes it happen via different ways) and Salem cannot help but feel something extremely deep with Thayer and that leads to them sleeping with each other while she is still with Caleb, she goes to his dorm room the next day and ends their relationship - opting out of telling him about Thayer.

I’m still gonna read it but idk how I’m gonna like it now. It’s just a matter of finishing not actually enjoying it. i really wanted to love this but ultimately the choices the author made did not work for me, but they might for you if you want an emotional book. Btw the pain that I had to endure towards the end of this book was insane. THAT part was so unexpected and took me by complete surprise, I have still not recovered.There is also foreshadowing about Thayer not knowing how to be a girl dad (when he gets a puppy for Forrest) and this of course directly connects to the fact Salem had a baby girl. I hated the way this was written, from the constant repetitions to the irritatingly cringy dialogues. Felt no attachment whatsoever to any of the characters, also downright loathed the MC. (Who, by the way, claims to be so grown and mature for her age, only to justify her cheating on her boyfriend to “being young” and “being able to make mistakes”, and actually uttered the sentence: “he was just being a guy” after being called a ‘hot piece of ass’). The pace is slow at first but once you get accustomed to it, you start to enjoy it. The way it's written might feel slightly odd, but it is written from the POV of an 18 year old so it does make sense. It was an addicting read. I devoured it in a day. The plot on the surface seems simple enough but the characters is what bring depth to it.

so thayer is a single dad to a 6-year-old boy (forrest) and separated from his ex, he hires salem to babysit his son whilst he goes to work. i really didn't see this plot twist coming and i'm annoyed because this is one of my pet peeves in romance. there is no reason why a perfectly healthy child should die as a plot point to separate a couple and give them another book! the heroine, salem. i'm sorry but i found her so unlikeable, she came across as someone trying too hard to be older than she is, and i just wanted to slap the girl sometimes. Anyways, one aspect that continues to both amaze and bother me is how every character in this duet consistently praises Salem, emphasizing her goodness, selflessness, and the need for her to be less hard on herself. They highlight how she always prioritizes others over herself and shouldn't judge herself so harshly. However, the moment Caleb acts slightly out of character, which isn't even a selfish act, he is immediately labeled as selfish, and the DNA card is played. Take a look at the following not-so-subtle dialogue: I was going to give this book 1 star, but the ending made me give 0 (if possible). I can't express my hatred for that devastating and unnecessary situation, and especially how the heroine handled it, I've honestly never met a character as selfish as her, the way she compared the pain of both, and how she wanted him to choose her in that moment that he had lost so and was completely broken. girl… I get you’re mad at him because he wouldn’t talk to you but he LOST HIS CHILD. While the child was IN HIS CARE. GOD stop being so selfish. You barely gave him a chance

also, i find it But as the story goes on, you truly see how strongly Thayer feels for Salem. I loved all the interactions with Thayer’s son, Forrest. He is such a great kid and he would say the sweetest things to Salem🥺. You have no idea how much I was looking forward to reading this book. I felt like it was always at the forefront in my mind and the excitement level that I had for this, was indescribable. I wanted it, craved it, thought about it and practically screamed when I was given a chance to read it early. But after finishing this, the only thing that I feel right now is pure disappointment.

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